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I apologize for the inconvenience ahead, but, frankly, my father has broken my computer. Now, the machine itself is fine, but the frame around the monitor is falling apart, the hinges are drying and are difficult to move, and it just makes it upsetting and inconvenient for the screen to fall over backwards while I type. Now, because of this unforeseen turn of events, my writing progress may be put on hiatus until further notice. Little Garden, Dragon Ball New Generation, The Island of San Pecos, Light Has Entered My Life, and any of the Fallout work I wanted to do has come to a screeching halt. Hopefully, a repair of this will not be difficult and not cost much, but nothing is certain. I hope all of you have a better July than I do.
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The blue and silver chopper, Garden One was coming in for a landing. And it was Mr. Brook’s personal chopper.
Nami was waiting on the landing platform as it came down. She was going to be accompanying Mr. Brook to the new asset’s paddock. She walked up with a professional bounce in her step and went through the door that was held open for her by the launch pad attendant.
She took her seat in the back and then got the second surprise of the day.
“Good morning, Nami-san!”
Nami looked up and saw her afroed, dark-skinned boss sitting in the pilot’s seat.
“Mister Brook…” she said, slowly realizing the situation. “You’re…flying….”
“I got my license,” Brook shrugged.
“Two more,” his instructor said in the other seat.
“Uh, yeah, two more days,” he said, waving it off. “So, how’s my park doing?”
“Great,” Nami reported. “We are up two and a half percent over last year. A bit lower than our initial attracti-”
“No, no, no,” Brook shook his head. “How’s it doing? Are the guests having fun? Are the animals enjoying life?”
Nami breathed in. This was the usual conversation with Mr. Brook. He was such a humanitarian. No real business about him. This place was as much an amusement park for him as it is for the guests.
“Well, guest satisfaction is steady. In the low nineties. We don’t have a way to measure the…animal’s emotional experience…”
“Sure you do!” Brook disagreed. “You can see it in their eyes! Right?”
“Of…course,” Nami lied.
“Ok, now show me my new dinosaur,” he said as he gripped the control stick.
He began to slowly pull back on the stick and the chopper began to rise. Nami gasped and braced herself with her arms, afraid of her boss’ slight inexperience with flying. Brook however, was in no way concerned with the slow ascension of the chopper. The chopper started to fishtail in the air and bob as he started to fly it. Lights were beeping and making sounds.
“Got it…I got it…” Brook said as they levelled out.
Soon, they were flying over Little Garden. Little Garden was comprised of thick, lush jungles. The mountains reached tremendously high and the expansive valleys reached deftly low. It was truly a beautiful island.
But, Nami wasn’t in the mood to appreciate it. She was hyperventilating due to her boss flying so fast.
Brook chuckled at her reaction.
“You look tense, Nami-san,” he said.
“M-maybe you should just…focus on the controls,” Nami told her boss.
“The key to a happy life is to accept that you are never actually in control,” Brook said.
“Bird!” Nami shouted, pointing forward.
The instructor also braced for impact.
Brook just slowly pulled up on the control stick and they rose above the birds that were heading straight towards them.
Brook chuckled once more.
“You should get a day at the beach,” he said. “Get some sun!”
“Uh…right,” Nami brushed off the recommendation and tried to change the subject. “So, marketing thought we could offset some of the costs-”
“Ah! Enough about cost!” Brook brushed off the business talk once more. “Vegapunk entrusted me with his dying wish and not once did he mention profits! ‘Spare no expense’, he used to say.”
“I…appreciate that, but…um…the reality of operating a theme park requires that-”
“Don’t forget why we built this place, Nami; Little Garden exists to remind us of how very small we are, how new! You can’t put a price on that!”
Nami sighed. There was just no seriousness about him.
“Now, please: we’re flying!” he said cheerfully as he put on his favorite shades.
He pushed down on the pedal and the chopper went even faster. Nami and the instructor both made worried sounds.
The chopper swung past the waterfall that told Nami they were coming up on the asset’s paddock.
Brook swung the chopper over the paddock and made a turn to a clear patch of land that could be used as a landing space. Brook eased the chopper down.
“Slowly…slowly…” he said.
But, it wasn’t slow enough. When the chopper landed, the landing gear made and upsetting thudding sound.
Brook swaggered out of the chopper, pleased with his flight and landing. Nami exited the chopper on shaking legs.
“Are you ok?” Nami called to the instructor doubled over in the bushes.
“Oh, he’s just being dramatic,” Brook said before the instructor retched loudly.
Chapter 3: Mr. Brook's Wild Chopper Ride
Here's Brook! I have him playing the role of Simon Masrani, the charismatic owner of Jurassic World. Now that I think about it, his whole outlook of the world and life in general I think would sit well with him.

:iconbrookplz:: I'd also think it would be fun to fly a helicopter! Yohohohohoho~!

Also, this is Skin!Brook thanks to the special effects at Universal! That is the boney Brook we know and love, but his body is covered in a latex body suit that simulates flesh!

:iconbrookplz:: It even follows my body! Look! (He turns his head, but the latex slips and his skull looked like it's sticking out of the side of its head and the face is all flabby, eyeless, and open-mouthed.)

Nggggyaaaah!! Um...make-up...

One Piece belongs to Eichiro Oda

Jurassic World belongs to Colin Trevorrow and Steven Spielberg
Nami straightened her white business dress as she entered the elevator. She had to go over the names one more time.
“Riku Dold: Vice President, Kyros Dold: Bad Hair, Victoria Dorman: Deserves Better,” She said, assigning titles to the names she had to remember. “Riku, Kyros, Victoria, Riku, Kyros, Victoria, and I am Nami.”
She checked her watch. Three minutes late, but she wasn’t going to show it.
Once the doors opened, she put on a friendly, yet competent smile.
“Welcome to Little Garden.”
She led the Vice President of Verizon and his two associates. Nami made sure they got the best service on the plane to Costa Rica, the best seats on the ferry and the monorail, the best rooms in the hotel, she even sprung for a female escort to be in the VP’s room; a little something to curry his favor.
She had done this a hundred times before. She was a businesswoman, it was in her blood. She always knew the end result. If Verizon agreed to sponsor the new asset, that would mean more beris in the bank and secured attendance records for the next five years.
To soften them up, she took them on an impressive tour through the genetics lab in the visitor’s center. A lot of tourists go to this attraction hoping that they will get to see some new-born dinosaurs. They’re usually disappointed. However, it was still the factory floor for Little Garden.
As they walked, she told Verizon the problem that they had a solution for.
“While year over year revenue continues to climb, operating costs are higher than ever,” she said as she led them. “Our shareholders have been patient, but, let’s be honest; no one is impressed by a dinosaur anymore.”
They passed through two tour groups looking in on the eggs incubating.
“Twenty years ago, de-extinction was up there with magic. These days, kids look at a stegosaurus like an elephant from the city zoo.”
She led them into the gene-splicing room.
“But, that doesn’t mean asset development is falling behind. Our DNA excavators discover new species every year.”
She took her stance next to the incubators.
“But consumers want them bigger. Louder. More teeth.”
The Verizon representatives looked a little confused at what she was saying.
“The Good News?” Nami continued. “Our engineers in gene-splicing have opened up a whole new frontier.”
She continued leading them through the lab.
“We have learned more in the past decade from genetics than a century of digging up bones,” she said as she led them to the touch screens with the DNA sequences. “So, when you say you want to sponsor an attraction, what do you have in mind?”
Kyros and Victoria looked at each other, trying to see if either of them knew what to say. Riku, the Vice President knew what to say.
“We want to be thrilled,” he said.
“Don’t we all?” Nami said, without missing a beat.

She turned to the screens with the DNA sequences, swiped the screen and spun the DNA strand around, showing it off to the sponsors.
“The Donquixote Rex,” she stated to the sponsors. “Our first genetically modified hybrid.”
“Donquixote?” Victoria asked.
“Named after the once powerful king of Dressrossa,” Nami responded.
“The one who went mad and killed all his subjects?” Victoria continued.
“The very same,” Nami smiled. “It adds to the fear he’ll bring.”
Kyros looked even more confused.
“But, how did you get two different kinds of dinosaurs to…y’know…” he said, placing one hand over the other, simulating the act.
That was when the head of genetics division of Little Garden saved the day. Caesar Clown, an award winning bio-engineer and geneticist, he had been working on the attractions since the day it was founded by the great scientist, Vegapunk himself. Every dinosaur that was bred in the Garden was designed and supervised by him.
“Oh, Donquixote wasn’t bred,” he said. “He was designed. He will be fifty feet long when fully grown. Bigger than a T-Rex.”
“Every time we’ve unveiled a new asset; attendance has spiked,” Nami continued. “Global news coverage, celebrity visitors, eyes of the world.”
“When will he be ready?” Riku asked.
Caesar Clown almost said something, but said something else, instead.
“He already is,” he smiled.
                     *                    *           *                   *
“C’mon!” Chopper shouted as he rushed through the crowds and headed towards the visitor’s center.
“Dude, chill,” Sanji said.
They had just made it to the main street and already, Chopper was making a bee-line for the nerd pyramid.
The both shoved the double doors open and the PA system greeted them on time.
“Welcome to the Innovation Center, where technology meets pre-history. Join us on an exciting journey sixty million years in the making.”
Just then, the hologram pad in the center of the show floor beamed on a life-sized image of a moving, vocalizing Apatosaurus.
Sanji had to admit, it was kind of impressive.
Everything else was geekily gimmicky and aimed towards kids. There were kids dusting off dinosaur bones the same way as real-life paleontologists did, kids “Wow”-ed at an HD video of the dinosaur’s extinction via a massive meteorite slamming into the Earth, and people looked at maps of the world that showed where the dinosaurs used to roam.
Though, Chopper made a beeline for the only exhibit untouched by most people; the DNA Sequencer. He was going at it like crazy.
“Cytosine, Guanine, Argenine, and Thymine,” Chopper said as he selected the molecules. “Same four things in everything that ever lived!”
Sanji finally caught up with him.
“Hey, don’t wander off, alright?” he said in all seriousness before going in for the verbal jab. “Mom’s not paying me for babysitting.”
“Hey! Is that you?”
Chopper and Sanji turned around to see Nami standing on the staircase.
“Aunt Nami!” Chopper shouted as he ran towards her.
He would probably have been less excited if he realized Nami was actually talking on her cell.
“Ok. Yeah, I’m going to have to go, my nephews are here,” she said before hanging up.
She walked onto the hologram pad and gave a cheerful “hi” to her nephews.
Chopper ran up and gave her a big hug.
“Oh-ho-ho!” Nami laughed, confused with the surprising affection. “Oh, my gosh, you’re so…you’re so sweet!”
That was when she got a good look at Sanji.
“Whoa, Sanji,” she said, legitimately surprised. “Last time I saw you, you were like-” she lowered her hand to about Chopper’s nose level. “-that must’ve been what? Three-four years ago?”
“Uh, seven,” Sanji corrected. “Seven years, but close.”
Nami looked a little sheepish at her goof, but she regained her composure and continued.
“So, I see you already got your wristbands,” she handed them and envelope. “And this is for food and Viola here is going to take great care of you until I’m done working tonight, ok?”
The smiles faded from Chopper and Sanji’s faces.
“You’re not coming with us?” Chopper asked.
Nami felt a twinge in her heart when she saw that face.
“Oh, I really wish that I could, but…um…tomorrow I can take you into the control room!” She tried to make it sound exciting. “Show you behind the scenes and all of that. That’s…that’s gonna be cool, right?”
The only response was the inhaling and exhaling of the Parasaurolophus hologram that had been up since she was hugged.
Thankfully, her phone ringing gave her an opening to end this conversation.
“Ok, so…um…I will see you tonight at…uh, six.”
“Nonono!” Viola stopped her. “Don’t forget, you have…uh…”
Nami seemed to understand.
“Right, of course. I will see you tonight at…eight? What time do you go to bed or do you go to bed at different times?”
Chopper turned to Sanji and for the first time since they arrived on the island, they had the same thought: she was really out of touch.
“Ok, so, have fun,” she said to them before turning to Viola. “And take very good care of them.”
She answered her ringing phone and walked right through the Parasaurolophus hologram.
Sanji sighed.
She hasn’t changed, he thought.
                     *                    *           *                   *
A quick elevator ride later and Nami was on her turf: the control room.
The control room had a massive main screen displaying an entire map of the park, showing asset territories throughout the park. All the herbivores had free range throughout the park. The carnivores were confined to individual paddocks that served as the attractions. On the sides of the map were camera feeds throughout the whole park. Every line at every exhibit. The PA system was listening in to some chatter about a couple of juvie triceratops were ‘going at it’ in the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo. The handlers were calling in to ask whether they should be tranquilized or whether they should be moved to greener pastures. On the floor in front of the displays were at least five rows of computer control panels, each with a technician at the helm.
Nami came up between two of these technicians, Usopp and Kaya.
Usopp was a long nosed, goateed, rather scruffy-looking technician that had been with the park for about three years. Kaya was a prim and proper girl in a dress sitting next to Usopp.
“What’s the live count?” she asked Kaya.
“Twenty two thousand sixteen,” Kaya responded.
“Yeah, six kids in the lost-and-found,” Usopp said. “Uh, twenty-eight down with heat stroke, and some-”
“What is that?” she said, staring at his chest.
Usopp looked down and saw the shirt he had put on that morning. It was an old “Little Garden” t-shirt. From the old park.
“Oh, what? This?” he said. “I got it on eBay! Yeah, it’s pretty amazing! I got it for a hundred and fifty beris, but the mint condition one goes for at least three hundred each.”
“Didn’t it occur to you that, maybe, it’s in poor taste?” Nami asked.
“The shirt?” Usopp said, looking like he got caught. “Y-yeah, it did. I mean, I understand people died, it’s just terrible, but that first park was legit! Y’know, I had a lot of respect for it. They didn’t need these ‘genetic hybrids’, they just needed dinosaurs! Real dinosaurs! That’s kind of e-”
“Ok, just don’t ever wear it again,” Nami finished with him.
“Yeah, wasn’t gonna,” Usopp responded.
“So, did you close the deal?” Kaya asked.
“Looks like it,” Nami said. “Verizon Wireless presents: the Donquixote Rex.”
“Ugh, that is so terrible…” Usopp groaned.
Nami looked at Usopp almost the same way an army general looks at insubordination.
“I mean, why not just go the distance, Nami and just let these corporations name the dinosaurs? They’ve got all the ballparks, why stop there?”
Nami noticed a new update on the main map.
“Why are all the west plains closed?”
“Another pachy roaming outside his zone,” Kaya answered. “But, he’s fully sedated and ready for relocation.”
“Pepsisaurus…” Usopp muttered to himself, still disgusted. “Tostitodon...”
“Security said that the invisible fences were a ‘no-fail’,” Nami growled. “That is the second time this month!”
“Well, the Pachys short out their implants when they butt heads,” Kaya explained.
“How much longer until they get it out of there?”
“He…just got five milligrams of carfentanil,” Kaya said.
“I guess he’s very stoned,” Usopp said. “So, why don’t we show a little sympathy?”
Nami turned to look at him with a weird look again.
“I mean, you do understand that these are actual animals, right?” he asked.
“Clean up your work space,” was her response. “It’s…chaotic.”
Their differences were clearly seen in their workspaces.
Kaya’s was organized and clean, with papers stacked neatly on the side. The desk was free of food-clutter, as well as being devoid of any “personal items”.
Usopp’s was cluttered, with papers strewn around the desk. He had some Taco Bell wrappers off to the side of the desk, despite the fact that a trash can was nearby his console. The drink was at least three quarters empty and near the edge of the desk. And to top it off, the front of his desk was lined with little plastic dinosaur toys.
“I like to think of it as a ‘living system’,” Usopp said as he made a slight adjustment to his personal favorite, the Apatosaurus. “Just enough stability to keep it from collapsing into anarchy.”
Unbeknownst to him, Nami deftly nudged the trash can to be directly under his desk. As Usopp reached for another one of the toys to adjust it, his elbow bumped his drink and sent it toppling off the edge of the desk. Thankfully, the trash can caught it, without making a mess.
Usopp made and embarrassed sound and quickly took his drink out of the can.
Nami left, smiling to herself.
Just then, radio chatter came in through the helicopter headset.
“Inbound chopper, Garden One ETA five minutes.”
That’ll be the boss, Nami thought.
Chapter 2: Nami's Busy Day
And here's the third chapter!

We get to see Nami~!

:iconnamiplz:: I love my life. :aww:

:iconusoppplz:: Yeah, because it makes us miserable!

:iconsanjiplz:: Why'd you have to make me and Nami-chan related, you shitty author?!

Because you fit Zach Mitchell's personality!

:iconsanjiplz:: :iconotlplz: Why me...

Also, I threw in King Riku, Kyros, and :icondalibabe91:'s Victoria.

Kyros: Why'd you give me the embarrassing line?

I'm sorry, I was out of roles! I had nothing else for anyone!

Also, a little bit of fictional history for Dressrosa!

One Piece belongs to Eichiro Oda

Jurassic World belongs to Colin Trevorrow and Stephen Spielberg

Victoria Dorman belongs to :icondalibabe91:
Robin dragged a couple of bags through the snow of the driveway to the back of the van.
A bird chirped and flew through the air as she hefted the bags into the back.
“Boys! Let’s do this!” she shouted towards the house, brushing her straight, black hair behind her ear.
She was so excited for her son’s trip. Too bad he was still in his room. She went through the door and met her blue-haired husband, Franky, coming the other way.
“The bags in the back?” he asked.
“Yeah, I’ll get the kids,” she answered.
She briskly jogged up the stairs to the second floor. As she passed by a door marked by “Keep Out” signs, pin-ups, and cooking recipes, and rapped her knuckles on the door.
“Sanji, time to go!” she shouted.
Her eldest was probably listening to music or talking to his girlfriend over the phone. Her youngest was in his room, probably looking at dinosaur pictures.
“Chopper?” she knocked on the door. “Honey, what are you doing?”
He was looking through a view master at images from old dinosaur movies.
Chopper was a normal kid and his room could testify to that. There were dinosaurs toys, robot toys, and monster movie posters on the shelves and walls. He was just a little smarter than normal kids. He could tell you how many ribs an Apatosaurus had and how many stitches there were in a triple bypass.
She was so proud of, and sometimes annoyed by, this little smart-aleck.
He was so absorbed in the view master, she had to take it out of her hands.
“C’mon, hunny, your flight’s in two hours,” she said, zipping up his carry-on bag.
That was when his smart-aleck mode kicked in.
“Dane County Airport is thirty-six minutes away, sixty with traffic.”
“And how long to get your little butt in the van? Hmmm?” she retorted. “How many of those?”
Chopper smiled, pleased at her snappy comeback and excited for the trip he was going on. He got up and walked out with his mother as she mussed up his chestnut brown hair.
Outside, Chopper rushed past his big brother Sanji, who was holding and bidding a fond farewell to his blue-haired beauty in the snow.
“Call me everyday,” Vivi said. “And text me pics so I don’t forget what you look like.”
“I’ll only be gone a week,” Sanji reassured her, his blonde hair parted over one eye.
“Sanji!” his father called from the driver’s seat. “You’re not going off to war, here. C’mon.”
Sanji turned back to Vivi and began to speak.
“I love you.” Vivi said.
“…will see you later,” he finished, rather unimpressively. “Bye, ok?”
“Vamanos!” Franky shouted as he started the car.
“Bye~!” Vivi waved.
Sanji jogged around the van and got into the back. He wasn’t prepared for his mom and dad’s teasing.
“I know it hurts, sweetheart…” Robin said.
“Are you gonna be ok?” Franky said in a pouty voice.
Sanji frowned sullenly and put on his headphones.
                     *                    *           *                   *
About an hour later, the family was at the security checkpoint for the plane. Robin crouched to Chopper’s level and gave him the ticket.
“Everything right on there?” she asked him.
He looked up and nodded.
“I’m so jealous!” she continued. “You’re gonna have so much fun! I love you!”
“I love you too, mom,” Chopper said as he hugged her.
As she held her youngest child, a worried look appeared on his face. Chopper looked up at his father and he smiled wryly.
“Ok, right!” she said, letting go of Chopper. “Let’s give these to your brother, okay?”
She took the tickets and gave them to Sanji.
“I need you to take care of these,” she said.
“Right,” he answered, trying to spy any cute girls entering into the security checkpoint.
“Hey,” Franky said, catching his attention. “Listen to your mother.”
“Ok, look after your brother, answer your phone,” Robin continued. “I’m serious. It’s the green button. When you see my name, push it, ok?”
Sanji nodded, a little annoyed at this responsibility gig.
“And remember,” Robin said, smiling that cold smile. “If something chases you…run.”
“Ha, funny,” Sanji said, obviously not amused. “Bye.”
Sanji put his arm around Chopper and herded him towards the boarding gate.
“I miss you already!” Robin called out as they wound through the checkpoint.
“So much for out last family breakfast,” Franky muttered.
Robin sighed.
“Why do you have to say things like that?”
As Chopper waved goodbye, Franky asked a reasonable question.
“Did you call your sister?”
“Straight to voice-mail,” Robin said flatly.
“They’ll be fine,” Franky said, reassuring his wife. “She handles two thousand people a day. She can handle two more.”
                     *                    *           *                   *
A couple of hours later, the plane lands in Costa Rica without incident.
Sanji and Chopper take the shuttle to the ferry. By the time they’re climbing on, Chopper is asking questions that Sanji does not have straight answers for. Apparently, he didn’t ask enough on the plane.
“How big is the island?”
“Big,” Sanji answered tersely.
“But how many pounds?” Chopper continued.
“That doesn’t make sense.”
Soon, the ferry was on its way across the sea. This, unfortunately, didn’t stop Chopper’s incessant info-spouting.
“When they first opened,” he continued. “They had eight species. Now they have fourteen herbivores and six carnivores. That’s, like, fifty tons of food a week.”
He looked up at his brother and noticed that he wasn’t paying attention. He was too busy eyeing the ladies leaning against the bow of the ferry.
He rolled his eyes. Even though he had Vivi, he couldn’t keep his eyes off other girls.
That was when he looked ahead. He could see the island. It was massive, majestic, yet ominously looming in the ocean’s waters.
This place was no mere amusement park. Ever since four years ago, this island had become an international city on par with Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, New York, Paris, Dubai, Sao Paulo, and Los Angeles, and it was pretty noticeable once they reached the harbor. Businessmen and tourists from all over the world had come to see this island’s amazing attractions. Welcomes and greetings sounded out of the PA in at least ten different languages to go along with the similar banners hung along the stairs that led to the monorail.
Sanji and Chopper made their way through the crowds, looking for someone they knew.
Instead, they found a woman with dark hair, sunglasses and a white suit, bearing a sign with their names on it.
“Where’s Aunt Nami?” Chopper asked.
Sanji sighed at his Aunt’s usual tardiness, but also at the beauty of the assistant who greeted them.
Once they walked up to her, the woman introduced herself.
“Hello, I’m Viola, Nami’s assistant.”
“I’m Sanji and this is my brother Chopper. And may I say, you are a gorgeous assistant.”
“Oh, well thank you!” she blushed slightly.
“Ugh,” Chopper rolled his eyes.
A couple of minutes later, they were on the monorail, heading for the park. Sanji was back on his headphones while Chopper was super excited. Right when the monorail PA system began to talk about the gates of the park, Chopper knew they were coming right up. He got out of his seat, ran straight to the head of the monorail just in time to see the gates opening.
Before the monorail stood this massive gate, with wooden doors supported by stone pillars. Sconces sat in the pillars and they were aflame. Above the doors was the sign that read:


Once the monorail came to a complete stop, Chopper took off like a rocket towards the Hilton Hotel. Sanji tried to follow behind while Viola told him the situation.
“Your Aunt arranged to meet you at one o’clock,” she then looked ahead at Chopper, zipping up the escalators. “Can he slow down?”
“Nope,” Sanji sighed.
“C’mon!” Chopper called from the escalator, waving his hands.
Finally, they made it to the hotel room. Sanji was exhausted, but not exhausted enough to hear Viola’s sweet voice.
“Your Aunt’s got you VIP access so you can get on all the rides without waiting in line.”
“Let’s go!” Chopper said as he took off his backpack.
“Dude, she said we had to wait,” Sanji said as he fell backwards onto his fluffy suite bed.
“No! I don’t wanna wait anymore!”
Chopper ran over to the doors leading to the balcony, opened them up and stepped outside.
He could see the sparkling, crystal clear lagoon from his suite. The monorail zipped by on its tracks, catching the sun’s rays and passing it back. And past that, he could make out all the shops that constituted the main street and all the thousands of people enjoying the park. To the sides, he could see all of the exhibits, the rides, and even the petting zoo. And in the center of it all, he could see the visitor’s center in the distance. It was a large, metal structure with crystal clear windows. It glittered like the crown jewel of the park.
This was the sight that he had waited three months for.
The Dinosaur Amusement Park: Little Garden.
Chapter 1: Welcome to Little Garden
Here's the next chapter!

Here, we see the standard "kids-in-peril" of any Spielberg blockbuster!

Now, I originally wanted to cast Usopp as the older brother, but the character's actions worked so much better with Sanji. :XD:

And now, the glorious park of Little Garden is open to you! Enjoy your stay~!

One Piece belongs to Eichiro Oda

Jurassic World belongs to Stephen Spielberg and Colin Trevorrow.
It’s warm, wet and silent in the confines of this prison.
The only sound the reverberated from the prison’s walls was its own heartbeat.
That was the first conscious thought going through its mind. That was when it realized how confining the walls were.
It had to get out.
It took its claw and struck the wall. The pure white shell began to crack. It struck again, the crack extended diagonally along its surface. The third time, the claw broke through the egg shell. He stuck it out of the shell and let it hang there. The first thing it felt in the outside world was the chillingly cold air stinging its claw. Its hand shivered and quaked at the feeling. It already hated the outside world.
It flexed and scrunched up its claw. It had three fingers, each with a wickedly hooked, sharp nail. They were claws for rending flesh and separating bone from meat.
That was when it heard movement in the outside world. The sound of something pecking on and egg shell. It could hear cracking on the other side of the wall. Then, it heard a mewling sound.
It reached up with the hand and began to scratch at the shell surrounding its face. It tore down the shell to see what was making that sound. It was able to see the source.
It was another egg.
This mewling was coming from another egg. That annoying, simpering whine that sounded like a pathetic, lowly creature that did not have the strength or will to live. It couldn’t even stand the frigidity of the air it would have to breathe.
But the other one could.
It knew what it needed to do to survive. It knew how to command others, kill others, and rule over others. But, it did not know what it was. Several thoughts were going through its head. It couldn’t get them straight.
He had been alive for at least one minute and all he could feel was pain.
Soon, the world would know his pain.
It let out a low growl that turned into a tiny roar.
They would know through the terror he would bring them.
Little Garden Prologue
I think a midnight premiere is in order!

Here's the prologue. I know it's short, but if you all want to, I can just as easily put up the neck chapter later on this July 1st.

What is this creature full of hatred and loathing?

One Piece belongs to Eichiro Oda

Jurassic World belongs to Colin Trevorrow and Stephen Spielberg.
I apologize for the inconvenience ahead, but, frankly, my father has broken my computer. Now, the machine itself is fine, but the frame around the monitor is falling apart, the hinges are drying and are difficult to move, and it just makes it upsetting and inconvenient for the screen to fall over backwards while I type. Now, because of this unforeseen turn of events, my writing progress may be put on hiatus until further notice. Little Garden, Dragon Ball New Generation, The Island of San Pecos, Light Has Entered My Life, and any of the Fallout work I wanted to do has come to a screeching halt. Hopefully, a repair of this will not be difficult and not cost much, but nothing is certain. I hope all of you have a better July than I do.
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