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Matoto winced as Lychee wrapped his wounds in bandages.
“Oh, don’t be such a baby,” Lychee scolded.
“Oh yeah? Let’s see you take a laser beam to the side and not feel pain,” Matoto growled.
They were now sitting outside of the shack, tea between the two of them.
As she finished up bandaging him, she decided to ask him.
“Hey, Matoto?” she asked him.
“Yeah, Lychee?”
“I want you to tell me why you’re here.”
“Well, I was here to learn the Kamehameha,” He answered.
“I know that,” Lychee chuckled. “But, why here? Of all places.”
“Why do you want to know?” he asked.
“I’ve got you figured out,” she said. “You’re a super strong Saiyan. You should be working for the king or maybe as a soldier, you could make all the money you want.”
Matoto held out his fist, thinking about what she said.
“You’re right,” he said. “I am pretty strong. And I could make a lot of money, too, with strength like this. However….I have bigger plans than that…”
He then looked back at the house they were sitting in front of.
“As for why I’m here of all places,” he said. “There’s a bit of a story behind that.”
“There is?”
“You know how they say that Mr. Satan was the one who saved the world from that Cell guy?”
“Yeah, I had a lecture about it not too long ago,” she said.
“Well, it’s not true,” Matoto said.
“I-it’s not?”
“No,” Matoto smiled. “It wasn’t a human who defeated Cell.”
“Then, what was it?” she asked.
“It was a Saiyan.”
“A Saiyan? But, the Saiyans didn’t land on Earth until 789!”
“However, there were other Saiyans here before us,” Matoto continued. “The saiyans were once a warrior race on a planet far from here. We even had a royal family. It was our prince that made it to this planet. He was named after our king and our planet; Vegeta. While he was here, he even took a human wife and had children.”
“So, that’s how the Saiyans were here,” she said.
“Well, there were a couple even before him.”
“Yes. In fact, it was a hybrid of a Saiyan and a human that defeated Cell. His name was Gohan.”
“Wait, you don’t mean Son Gohan, right? The author of Groundbreaking Science?! He’s a Saiyan?!”
“Yep! You bet he is. And it’s thanks to him and his father that the world is safe.”
“His father?”
Matoto smiled fondly.
“He’s the main reason I’m here,” he said. “If it weren’t for him, the world would’ve been destroyed a hundred times over. Thanks to him, so many fighters answered the call when the Earth was in peril. In our tongue he was known as Kakarot. Here on Earth, his name was Goku.”
“Yes. The legend at the Kame School was that he mastered the Kamehameha minutes after seeing it done only once!”
“He did?!” Lychee said shocked.
“Yeah! He was the strongest Saiyan on Earth. He’s faced the greatest threats this world has stood up against them. Sometimes on his own!”
“And do you know where he first landed on Earth?”
“Where?” Lychee asked.
Matoto smiled and slowly pointed behind them. Lychee followed his finger to show that he was pointing at the shack behind them.
“You mean…” Lychee began. “He was raised up here?”
Matoto smiled and nodded.
“Wow! That is amazing!” she said, excited. “So that’s how Doboroguma knew him…”
Now, Matoto had a fonder smile on his face.
“Ever since I first heard stories about those brave Saiyan warriors,” he said. “To me, this town…this mountain…this shack…are all the shrine to the humble begins of the greatest. I’ve always wanted to be like Goku. I wanted to be as powerful as him!”
Matoto stood up and thrust a fist into the air, looking to the stars.
“And now that I’ve accomplished the Kamehameha, I’m one step closer to attaining my dream!”
Lychee couldn’t help but smile, seeing Matoto so proud of himself.
Since he looks up to this Goku guy, he probably wants to be a hero, too. He’s like a little kid watching his favorite superhero and wanting to be like him. Now that he’s a little bit stronger, he’s ready to take on the world.
Just then, lights spilled out of the forest and came towards the shack.
Lychee shielded her eyes and looked in the direction of the lights.
“Is that…Bind’s car?” she asked.
Sure enough, Bind came out of the care and ran toward Lychee and Matoto.
“G-guys!” he shouted. “I saw that huge laser beam coming from the mountains! Are you guys ok?”
Matoto chuckled.
“That laser beam was me,” he said.
“Woah! That was you?!”
“Yep! The Kamehameha wave of the Turtle School!” he said proudly.
“Amazing! Could you teach it to me, sometime?” he asked.
“We’ll see,” Matoto said.
Lychee approached Matoto and asked:
“Hey. Those wounds will take a while to heal. You better stay here at least three more weeks. And don’t do too much extraneous activity.”
“Yes, doc,” Matoto said jokingly.
Lychee couldn’t help but smirk at the nickname.
“Hey, Bind,” she said. “Can you give me a ride back into town?”
“Huh? Oh, sure,” Bind said. “What happened to your bike?”
Lychee didn’t answer as she got into the back of the car.
As Bind started to drive away, Lychee looked back at Matoto.
Graduation was getting closer and she had to think of something to do afterwards.
Chapter 6: Shrine of the Greatest
Another chapter for Dragon Ball NG!

I haven't forgotten!

Though, it's more of a short chapter, I just wanted to explain Matoto's connection to Saiyan history and Mount Paozu.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Her blood red hair is shaped into an A-line bob that slides across her jawline. Her soft, brown eyes look through her pointed, horn rimmed glasses at me. Her full, red lips curl into a smirk as I smile back at her, the cheeks of her soft, baby face reach up and squint her eyes tight. Her silk-like hand takes mine and leads us into the bar. She looks absolutely stunning in her low-cut black t-shirt, tight jeans, and the pearl necklace I bought her for Valentine’s Day wrapped around her elegant neck. As we sit on the booth, she wraps her arm around my left arm, her chest pressing into and engulfing my arm. Her body always feel this soft and voluptuous. She rests her head on my shoulder and I can smell her pomegranate shampoo embedded into every strand of her hair. She gives me a big kiss and I can taste the pomegranate margarita on her tongue and her more adult flavor with a hint of strawberries. She giggles in that voice that sounds like a bell. As she hugs me, something cold and hard presses into my side. It’s the diamond ring I gave her three days ago. She cried tears of happiness from those lovely brown eyes for a whole hour after I gave her that ring. It was so much better than seeing her cry after having her gentle heart broken by every jerk boyfriend she was dumped by. I promised to never leave her. I would not give that ring to anyone else but her. She makes me feel more alive than anything else in this world. She is mine and I am hers.
Valentines Girlfriend
For one of my college classes, I was supposed to describe someone in detail. I chose a certain someone and went with it. If people like it I might elaborate on it.
Well, it's that day of the year again!

Did you guys have a fun Christmas? I did!

I got a toothbrush, toothpaste, and combs and a brush in my stocking. I have a feeling my mom is trying to say something. -_-*

I'll admit, I didn't get One Piece Film Z, and I was so sure I'd get it. But, I ordered it today and it should be here by December 31 to January 1.

But what I did get was Seven Samurai and Hidden Fortress, two of Akira Kurosawa's most famous movies. Hidden Fortress was the inspiration George Lucas had for Star Wars.

I also accidentally got One Piece Season 6 Voyage One. I was hoping to get Voyage Two, but there was some confusion. I can either return it or I can re-gift it.

I also got the comic book Godzilla: Gangsters and Goliaths. I read it right there and it was great!

And I got this neat King Kong Tie and soon, I'll get a Rising Sun Skinny tie, too!

I also got an iPhone 5 because I asked for a 2003 iPod Video. I enjoy my iPhone 3 because it's a relic and it still works fine. I have a feeling they went with this option because it will work out better for their payment plan and I won't run up a bill. I heard it doesn't have google maps, but it might have some sort of directions device. I'm more afraid that some things won't be able to go on it, though.

My brother, Douglas, among other things, got a banjo and Alien Isolation: Nostromo Edition.

My other brother, Duncan, got a controller for his computer.

I can't really remember what my parents got, but I know they were happy!

And I hope you're all happy too! Merry Christmas!
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